Dragon Tooth


Set foot upon the magical lands where Magic Guilds battle to the top! Dragon Tooth is one of three of the strongest guilds in the known lands. Follow a story of fantasy, principles and mighty battles!

Seventy years ago, the masters of the strongest known guilds joined forces to seal a very powerful dark king who threatened to bring the world to the brink of extinction and managed to beat him.

Now the story of Dragon Tooth begins, centering at the City of Eynorwa and the weekly tournament fights organized by the Council of Magic to determine the greatest guild, an unexpected turn of events forces them abandon their normal lives and journey to the one of the most dangerous place yet.

A Magic Guild is a group of Mages that have formed an organization accepting job offers from the citizens of the world.

The Council of Magic supervises the use of Magic in the world. They are the sole entity that all guilds must listen to and heed their commands.

Mage Saints are Mages who are handpicked by the Council. They stand above all mages in abilities and their unrivalled power.

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Accepted Payment