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Blog Tour - The Delinquent Crown

Being someone who enjoy fantasy and a bit of (hey, don't judge me) dark twisted action in stories, I was hesitant to read this book when I came across a unique proposition by Sydney Faith who has been organizing a blog tour for her new release: The Delinquent Crown, a YA novel about two out of placed children (Miri and Nick). However, any doubts I had about this book simply evaporated shortly. So without further ado, let's begin with this tour, by which I hope to give you a glimpse into Sydney's mind and book.

  1. Virtual Reading - Part 4/ The Delinquent Crown

  1. The Delinquent Crown - Review

  2. Rating

    This was definitely not my usual read. But I've been wanting to delve into the Sci-fi genre for a while now, and when the opportunity came to get an ARC for this, I jumped on it -and boy was I glad I did. This story, although not as "dark" as my usual reads -don't judge me- definitely offered a great world, with a solid plot and enough intrigue to keep me reading throughout.
    It took me out from a long reading-slumber, and for that I am grateful. This should've been an easy 5 star, however, there was about too many characters for me to connect with in the beginning. During the first act, the story began a bit slow and introduced the everyday life of Nick and Miri, but once the action started, it didn't stop.
    There were info-dumps, but they were just enrichening the story. It's very obvious that the world of Olexia had so much to offer than what I read in the books, and the author provides "Age of the Gods" as a bonus to anyone who reads the book.
    Nick and Miri get to the world of Olexia through a portal and venture off on a journey to retrieve a magical artifact that everyone in Olexia (including the Council) were after. Garrant and Zekta, were brought forth in an ominous fashion and I enjoyed their characters.
    The way I see it, this read was amazing and I enjoyed the characters. The main cast of the story were fleshed out well, and the story flawed seamlessly -I never felt taken out of the experience. There were only a few issues I faced in the beginning as I mentioned before -the number of characters introduced just... confused the better portions.
    Overall, I did enjoy the book and I did finish it. This is a perfect read for exactly who it was meant to be: young adults.

Now, I will be interviewing the author of The Delinquent Crown, Sydney Faith. My prime focus will be on the writing process (seeing as that's mostly what I talk about here) so I hope that you find this as inspiring as I found Sydney when I researched her author platform (links will be down below).

  1. Author Interview - Sydney Faith
  2. MG: I'd like to start this interview by saying: Hi Sydney! Thank you for agreeing to do this! I'm honestly excited to be interviewing an author who I seem to agree with all of their advice on YouTube (haven't watched all the videos, but I'm getting there. So, my first question would have to be this: Would you mind telling us your Zodiac? What inspires you (in life) and how the hell can you pull off creating awesome content on YouTube, write and publish a book, AND have enough time to sleep?

    SF: Hey M.G, thanks for having me! Sure! I’m a Pisces. What inspires me in life is my goals. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to do and only a short time to do them! The secret is that I don’t sleep. Kidding! Sleep is actually very important to me. As my life has gotten busier and busier over the last year or two I’ve started taking my organization very seriously, and I think without being hyper-organized I wouldn’t get nearly as much stuff done.

    MG: Before going into more technical questions, I'd like to ask you this: Why do you write?

    SF: Honestly, I write because I have to. Writing is how I express myself and sometimes I think that it’s what keeps me sane! And it’s, like, the coolest job ever, so I guess there’s that too lol.

    MG: What was it like to sit down and write this book? I ask this because a lot of authors create their own environments when they write a particular story. So did this apply here? Were there any secret ritual you would do prior to start writing?

    SF: So for every project that I write, I have a playlist. If it’s a short project it may only be a few songs, but the playlist for writing TDC is almost 3 hours long, which is perfect in my eyes. The songs included either contribute to the “mood” of the story or go with a specific scene. I have a really difficult time writing without music playing in my headphones. For TDC I wrote probably 75% at my desktop computer and 25% on my laptop sitting on my deck or on the sofa. I don’t have any special rituals, exactly, but I do try to “create a good writing environment” before I sit down to write, just doing things like making sure the dog has gone out, that my desk is clear, and that I have a drink and snack. And I do these things to minimize distractions while I’m working.

    MG: What were some of the hardest obstacles that you needed to overcome when writing this book?

    SF: One of the biggest obstacles was probably just deciding if I was ready to start this project. As you can imagine, this series will be at least a few books long. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with this project, but I wasn’t going to let myself skimp out on it or do something else after the first book. It had to be all-or-nothing, and that was scary to commit to.

    MG: How long did it take you to write this book, from start to finish?

    SF: I think it’s right around 3 years for this one, from the first draft until now.

    MG: The names behind the world of TDC were very interesting. Olexia, Kayta (not sure if it would be considered a spoiler, but she is called after a certain festival) and lastly Miri and Nick. Did the names come to you naturally? Or was there some kind of a process behind naming characters, locations and all?

    SF: No worries, that’s not a spoiler at all! The names were kind of a mixed bag. I had the name “Olexia” from pretty much the start, as well as “Miri”. “Nick” was actually a placeholder name but by the end of draft one it fit him so well that I kept it! Kayta had a couple of names, but I settled on “Kayta” without too much change. I tried to keep the names sounding similar depending on the characters’ background. (Royals have name themes, Fangra have name themes, and so on.) I do use google translate to come up with sound ideas, and some of the names are even loosely based on words in other languages.

    MG: If you had to choose one of the following (when describing TDC)- inspiration or hard work, which would you choose?

    SF: Hard work, for sure. I’m not actually a big believer in “inspiration” in the sense of “waiting for the muse to strike” and other such ideas. I think that maybe some people are predisposed to find writing easier, but really I think that “talent” comes down to a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication. (And this is, of course, just my personal opinion formed by my personal experiences.)

    MG: Thank you so much, Sydney, before I let you go, I like to ask every author I meet this question: What was the worst thing you Googled when writing this book?

    SF: 😂 Oh my god, that’s an awesome question! Um… well besides spending more time on baby-name websites than an expecting parent, I’d say the worst thing I googled for this book was burns, how to treat them, what they look like, and the different kinds. That was super gross, but I had to do it to make a certain scene realistic!
SYDNEY FAITH is a YA author who, after a lifetime of living in her make-believe worlds, decided to start sharing them at 17 in the form of books. When she’s not writing, Sydney enjoys creating YouTube videos, baking and eating chocolate chip cookies, and thinking about writing. As a Midwesterner, you’ll find Sydney pointing out cows on road trips, enjoying the state fair, and complaining about the snow.

Here are some useful links that I think would be of interest to you:

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