Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dragon Tooth - Chapter 5 Updates + New Novel in The Making?

This is gonna be another update about Dragon Tooth, a short novel I am working on. As of right now, I've been finishing up chapter 5 which is one of the longest chapters in the entire novel... I've actually been really excited to get to this particular part because... Up until now, everything was a set up for these magical moments.

People weighing up how tough and how strong the story is built... It'll all come to play with the next chapter. I think it is something that the readers will enjoy the most.

New Project? New Novel? 

Okay, so if you noticed and checked the Upcoming Projects page, you'll see that I included a cover titled "New Worlds". This is not a new project but rather a conversion of a screenplay I wrote into a novel.  The screenplay was meant to trilogy that I think had too much potential not to make it into a story in itself.

I've enjoyed tremendously writing that particular screenplay and look forward to start writing it. However, it is very unlikely that I'll begin before I completely finish Dragon Tooth.

So stay tuned for more!
Until then.

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