Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pure Thoughts

Part of what’s wrong in our society nowadays is that illusion of purpose that is inscribed into every one since the day they are born. They’re taught what to think, and not why to think, and ultimately that becomes the deciding factor on whether or not we have a functioning world. See, the world is led to believe in a system that has been developed for hundreds of years and whoever challenges that is called mad, stupid and crazy, they will challenge anyone who dares to fight the current.

Have you looked around you lately? Why are we so far off the rest of the world? It’s because of that mentality that always pushes them to prove themselves, and how they’re better than the rest when in fact they’re doing the exact opposite. Isn’t it funny that you can view someone who plays, cheats and lies through their every day as a ‘successful’ person? Isn’t it weird when vile and narcissists can be viewed as heroes?

One day, I remember someone who came to me and said these words “what are you worried about, it’s going to take 5 minutes for a brain like yours” and I immediately chocked. I didn’t know what to say, because it wasn’t because I was so smart, see intelligence can often be misinterpreted, how is it that ‘smart’ is given to a person for only doubting and asking the right questions? That’s not smart, that’s called living in reality. It’s to see beyond what you’re being told. Beyond the lies, beyond the games and the colors they draw life to you. I didn’t just replace my pre-existing brain, I just decided to use it; and I get called a genius. Let me get one thing straight, I’m so far off of that title that it astonishes me that people can even consider it.

Why is it that now, people are easily given the labels ‘smart’ and ‘genius’ for doing the basic things that anyone should do? The least you can do is to see through it. And hope that one day you’d make yourself proud, because if there is one thing better than to search for the truth, it’s to acknowledge it.

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