Friday, April 13, 2012

Questions Answered: Part Four

Before we start, I'd like to thank everyone who sent a feedback commenting on the last post, it was really appreciated and I really enjoyed going through the different opinions.


Q: "My question is what if I have a crush on someone and its not just a normal crush its a crush that I love the person so much and I'd do anything for them , but they are not ready for anything now and I don't want to express my feelings when they are nt ready to accept it and what can I do to atleast show them that I care about them ?"

A: What you can do to show them that you care depends on what kind of person they are, but most importantly, the answer is really within what you wrote, think carefully, why would you want to show them that you care about them if you think they aren't ready to accept anything and aren't prepared to handle anything? Isn't that a little selfish of you? The feeling that you would do anything for them is truly a magnificent feeling, and I believe that you ARE already proving just that by choosing not to tell them. It all comes down to wither if its worth the risk or not, is the gain greater than the loss?

Q: "i always try to ask you this and then i just delete the messgae my qustion is im abit obese and i spend money on magazins and articels on how to be thin but non seem to work im just wondering is there like another reason why its not working ? or am i just joking myself and should except who i am from inside and outside ? "

A: First things first, those magazines and articles will not help you, so I really wish you would stop spending money on things that try to solve the wrong issues. Avoid reading that poison that somehow you're not good enough for anyone, shake off that feeling of insecurity and just realize that all you read in those magazines are lies, and that you are beautiful for who you are, not what you look like. You shouldn't aspire to look any different just because someone says you should, nor because immature people who are only obsessed with someone’s looks think a certain way. In a way, the tips you read in the magazines from those people, they should envy you instead, because that acts like a protection, in a way it pushes away any one who is just out there to take advantage of you. Rest assured that if you have to look a certain way to someone to feel special, that person is just not worth it and you're wrong. What I'm trying to tell you is, if you want to lose weight and look thin, make sure you're doing it for YOURSELF not OTHERS, and it's not really a joke, and you SHOULD accept who you are from inside and out. Because once you do that, you become who you were intended to be, the worst thing you can be is like anybody else.

Q: "Wooha!! That Was Intence!! Finally Someone Says It! So IWant To Ask You This What Sort Of People Wouldnt Want Us To Break Away From The Cricle At All Costs?!"

A: Well, the only way I can describe them is to call them monsters. There are many different types of these monsters, some hide and just cause chaos from a distance, others show themselves and do it, some exist just to challenge and end your dreams, there are also those who always tell lies, these are the most cunning type of monsters. It is mostly because of their inability to feel remorse. They pretend to be humans even when they do not understand the first thing about human hearts. They study not to gain knowledge but to feel superior by it. They have never experienced love or compassion. They have never been hungry yet they eat, and they never want people to break away from that circle because it amuses them to see people move in it and believe they are truly free, and it scares the hell out of them when people start asking questions regarding the validity of their stupid built in circle, where they twist the simple truth and make it complicated, they poison every honest idea, and really, people are just falling for it. Ask questions! Question viciously the 'norm' and don't be afraid to go against the known!

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