Saturday, March 17, 2012

Negativity and Reality

"Insanity: doing the same thing again and again, yet expect different results."

It's so bothering, it's actually mind-blowing, even crazy in the world we live in. Just think of how people really define life, how do they look at it, is it with plain positivity? Or do they choose to see the untold story? Was there ever a time where truth and justice were part of reality? I believe so. But that time has changed...

It seems crazy to live in this world, whenever you think that life is easy, you're doing something HORRIBLY wrong. You see, people run and often prefer to ignore the truth, they forget what its all about, think about it, what do you do in this life? A typical answer would be, you study, to find a job, to get money, to be able to live (a cycle we now live in), but why? Jobs, money, all the crap we need so much were CREATED by us. It's just another way of enslaving people without them knowing it, making them HAPPY with it. Living a cycle so wrong that you think its right. Insanity passed off as logic. Realise that there people who think that living in that cycle makes SENSE LOGICALLY. The second you challenge it, you are branded stupid, or crazy, maybe even both.

This system, this cycle, its all flawed, it's been a really annoying ride down the path to reality. Because it remains, that people prefer to hear comforting lies instead of the bitter truth. They now mistake being realistic with being negative. It's mind-blowing how it works. Doesn't it strike you as weird, that when you say life is filled with liars backstabbers and pretenders you are called negative? Even though what you just said was true? It's a dillema... never mistake being REALISTIC for being NEGATIVE. They don't mix. You see, there is negativity, and positivity, reality is in between those two. Stray to one path too much, and you're blinded. 

You might ask the question as to how to know when you strayed too much, it's when you only see one side that you have gone too far. If all you see are the negative parts, then you're stupid, and if all you see are the positive parts, then you're a coward who has given up and is convincing themselves that by covering up the negative with the positive, you'll be happier (which will not work). You gotta understand that temporary happiness is not worth the long-term misery it brings. So you must understand how TRUE happiness comes. 

Let me end this with saying that, I know that this leaves with many things to say but just remember, that separating reality from negativity is part of the test in life. If you think this post was negative; you've failed that test.

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