Thursday, January 19, 2012

Questions Answered: Part Three

Hello everyone, and sorry for the long delay but it's been a crazy time for me personally but I'm hoping to pick the pace up again real soon. Anyways, I decided to do another Questions Answered because of some really good ones sent over the past few month. I'll you to it.


Q: "Hey Infra. 
How do you know when you've quit on yourself..? More importantly, how do you stop from quitting on yourself, and recover hope?"

A: It is often when people all around you are praising you, telling you how a good guy you are while you yourself scold and think the worst of yourself. It's quite common really, and the only way to stop quitting on yourself is to really appreciate who you are as a person. Let go of the past and just look at it to learn from the mistakes you have made. Face all your fears if you have any and just really honour who you are as a person, find and define yourself, accept no ones definition of who you are. Define it yourself.

Q: "can u speak about liers plzz and wy they lie an lie an lie an lie saying they luv u an bullshit ... i dunt undrstand .. thx

A: It depends on many things. But often these people share some things in common. Such as a certain feel of greif and unworthiness. Sometimes these are just sad people who have just given up to the fact that life does not always work in their favor. So in turn, they lie, cheat and betray everyone and anyone to get some sort of temporary peace or happiness. They always think their actions are justified because no one understands, and no one knows how it feels to be them and that is what can be frustrating sometimes, as they are one of the most selfish, and pethatic sort of people ever.  

Q: "I'd appreciate it if you could clear up the air about astrological zodiac signs, 
and if they really do predict and define personalities, or they are just great guesses! Thank you!"

A:  Yes and no. Some people say they define personalities which is as far as they can get from the truth. See they are great guesses, but some people do believe that to some extent, all people under the same ziodic signs share... similar attitudes and traits. But in no way does that make it final. Everything changes, it's not final, and it sure isn't written in stone. So no, a ziodic sign, without a shadow of a doubt does not define who you are, I'd say it's about 56% accurate at BEST. So just take them as hints, as a means to have fun. But never seriously.


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