Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Everything Happens For a Reason

Seems so strange that people really cannot understand the aspect of "You first gotta lose, to learn how to win" see, you can't be a winner from the first time up, you have to build your success, it just doesn't come over night. I was asked recently, "if you had a time machine and went back in time, would you change anything at all?" to their surprise, I replied "No". Understand that you are who you are today because of those mistakes, so to avoid making them, would that not take away the lesson you were taught and wouldn't that mean you're slowly undoing yourself on your own? The point is, you can't be truly happy if you live with regrets!  

Many questions come to mind with this issue, often, those who 'hate' their lives have filled themselves with hatred or regret (perhaps even both) so much that they miss the point of it all, how else would you know that those were mistakes? STOP living in the past! Stop letting the PAST define your PRESENT and therefore affecting your FUTURE. You either learn and embrace your past, or see yourself be destroyed by it. 

People often tend to cover up their pasts, like if hiding it is hiding the shame behind it, you shouldn't be ashamed of it (never mistake covering and hiding your past with keeping a secret). You have to ask yourself this: "Am I happy with who I am TODAY?" - see you can't be happy with who you are if you still want to change something.

Instead of spending hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months wondering what could have happened differently, concentrate on making it better! That's what I don't get, you screw up, fix it! Make it better! Why dwell on it and keep asking what if? It's not gonna make things better anyways so just take action, decide to improve it! So just drop the victim act and give it your best! 

In the end, I will leave you with this: even when your best is sometimes not good enough, remember, that's not a reason to give anything less.

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