Friday, October 14, 2011

Dealing with Death

It is never easy to lose a loved one. This is what people fail to understand, they wear masks and say that they can handle it, but in truth all they're doing is cover the pain inside, they block the emotions and replace them with false ones. Sometimes, the death of someone can create a hole inside of you that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

"To Each, his Own" - There's no better way to explain this than with this small quote. You see, some people say that death just doesn't affect them anymore, well the truth is, they're lying. It does affect them, but they just learned how to deal with it. You see, there's a brighter side of death, it's only difficult to see but once you lose the bitter emotions you either become stronger by the experience and grow as a whole person, or it destroys you completely.

Some people never take it well and they immediatley begin to have ideas that somehow they could have prevented it from happening, which is false again. Look, it doesn't seem fair, but nobody EVER said it is. Everything happens for a reason, the sooner you start to get the bigger picture -of death- the better.

You might be wondering now, "what is the bigger picture/bright side of death", well you see, everything is beautiful because it has an ending, and you can't really call it an end, as long as you hold onto their memories tight, and never forget the lessons they taught, they're never really gone in the sense. They live on, through you. You become responsible to represent what they 'were' so you either take what you learned from them, or forget them. So you see it is a choice that you make that marks their end.

Finally, I really advice anyone who knows someone who lost a loved one to tell them that its not their fault and that they could not prevent it anyways. It's really important for them to HEAR it, even if you think that they don't blame themselves. Make sure they hear it, not know it, think it or anything else, but hear it.

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