Monday, September 26, 2011

Nothing is Written in Stone

NOTHING is written in stone.

STOP hiding behind this sad excuse, and take control! It bothers me when I see people 'playing' the victim all the time, yes, I get it, your life sucks. News flash: life sucks anyways. Stop pretending that someone else is in control of your life, YOU decide what happens, never mistake that for fate, destiny or whatever. Think of fate as a general idea, but, the general idea CAN be changed, and even if you don't change it, its up to you to fill in the gaps, the details, these things are up to you!

People always tend to exaggerate everything, and the "no one suffered as much as I did" seriously pisses me off. Look, you might have seen some very disturbing things, but here is what nobody tells you: everyone goes through the same cycle. Life is just a vicious circle that only repeats itself again and again, see the fun fact is, no one can live your life except yourself. So putting others in your shoes and see them getting confused about what to do is never gonna do you any good. To each is given the shoes that fit them, you just have to wear them and keep going.

The one thing that I tend to find in common with people who think "everything is written in stone" is a genuine feel of unworthiness; deep down they don't believe themselves worthy or even ready to feel happy. As if they are enjoying the 'victim/martyr' act they put up all the time. Now don't get me wrong, some of these people really have seen the worst in life. But that is not an excuse to close your eyes on all the good in this world.

It is however predictable that when someone lives and grows in an environment that requires them to always trust themselves (and often these people have been let down by almost everyone -if not all- of the people they know) that they decide the good is not worth the bad, so as a punishment for believing that, they tend to behave as a 'victim' for just knowing this 'fact'. Guess what, facts can be wrong, and you ARE wrong. Always remember that you take for granted, the smallest things, that cost people their lives to give you. Small amount of people even grasp the idea that they are free and are blessed to have this gift of freedom. If you have just THIS freedom, consider yourself very lucky.

In the end, I will only leave you with the advice: start living. Two simple, yet powerful words. Start living, do not regret anything, make mistakes because that is the only way you will learn. Think of it this way, every mistake you make, is a mistake you will never make again. With that said, someone who has never made a mistake never really tried anything new.

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