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Set foot upon the magical lands where Magic Guilds battle to the top! Dragon Tooth is one of three of the strongest guilds in the known lands. Follow a story of fantasy, principles and mighty battles!
A Magic Guild is a group of Mages that have formed an organization accepting job offers from the citizens of the world.
The Council of Magic supervises the use of Magic in the world. They are the sole entity that all guilds must listen to and heed their commands.
Mage Saints are Mages who are hand picked by the Council. They stand above all mages in abilities and their unrivaled power.

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Fortier is the story of Alfred Zeidan, a vicious, deadly and renowned vampire that secluded himself away from everyone for hundreds of years, until a message reaches him from his father calling for his return.

Part of him knew that this was about the Bertrams, another family of vampires that are fierce rivals and sworn enemies of the Zeidans, in fact the sole reason why he shunned the world he grew up with was because of the fighting and long standing feud between the two families.

But alas, he returns... for better or worst.

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In the fictional city of Ganea, a super detective by the name M exists. He is one of the most renowned detectives known for tackling cases that often others shy away from. But unfortunately, not even he, could escape the jaws of love.

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Rumors about a gouging rider of death permeate the lands of King Ronald the Just. His reign brimmed with justice and hope for all those who sought the crown for help in times of need. But alas, not all is as it seems, as the King swiftly sentences a man to death for simply bringing up whispers of the Headless Knight. Timid and nervous, everyone grows tense at the suspicion/feeling that the rumors are more than they appear.
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