Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Will to Change the World

Too many times we spend inside a bubble that has existed for so long, too many times do we point fingers, blaming this and that why something is not how we want it to be, too many times do we spend worrying, criticizing not knowing what the future holds but yet we all know that we do nothing about it. What is wrong with the world? Many things. Too many things to change, some even argue that no one can change the world and warns that if you spend too much time trying to change the world, the world changes you. 

 "I exist, therefore I matter. " - Plato.

The problem isn't something bigger than you, it is the root that needs to be changed. Some people spend too much time criticizing the world that they forget they are part of it. But, do you know what the problem really is? It is you. You're doing nothing, you waste time talking about how rotten the world is yet you do not take action; that is the problem. You see each and single one of us has the power to change the world but we let our insecurities get the better of us, we dwell on shadows of doubts that should not exist in any person's mind. "Am I good enough? Can I do this? Am I even capable of doing this? Why did I fail?". 

We always lose some battles, always fail to accomplish some of our goals but you know what? That's part of life as well, going through defeat, how else would you savor the taste of victory? How else would you know how to win? Winners aren't those who don't lose, they are the ones who don't give up, because when the will is strong enough, the how gives way and that completes the cycle of life, which dictates that in order to win, you need to first lose, and THEN learn how to win.

 We are all powerful, more powerful than we anticipate, more powerful than we think we are, more powerful than what we giver ourselves credit for, but all those things evaporate we don't nurture our talents, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Cherish your memories and hold them dear, remember why you want to change the world, to create a better future, and through those memories, let the light of you shine, so that other may follow in your footsteps and walk beside you. Give yourself the permission to rise, shine and excel. Push your boundries and go out of your comfort zone instead of staying in the bubble YOU KNOW exists, and remember that if you stay long enough and didn't change the bubble, you BECOME the bubble. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pure Thoughts

Part of what’s wrong in our society nowadays is that illusion of purpose that is inscribed into every one since the day they are born. They’re taught what to think, and not why to think, and ultimately that becomes the deciding factor on whether or not we have a functioning world. See, the world is led to believe in a system that has been developed for hundreds of years and whoever challenges that is called mad, stupid and crazy, they will challenge anyone who dares to fight the current.

Have you looked around you lately? Why are we so far off the rest of the world? It’s because of that mentality that always pushes them to prove themselves, and how they’re better than the rest when in fact they’re doing the exact opposite. Isn’t it funny that you can view someone who plays, cheats and lies through their every day as a ‘successful’ person? Isn’t it weird when vile and narcissists can be viewed as heroes?

One day, I remember someone who came to me and said these words “what are you worried about, it’s going to take 5 minutes for a brain like yours” and I immediately chocked. I didn’t know what to say, because it wasn’t because I was so smart, see intelligence can often be misinterpreted, how is it that ‘smart’ is given to a person for only doubting and asking the right questions? That’s not smart, that’s called living in reality. It’s to see beyond what you’re being told. Beyond the lies, beyond the games and the colors they draw life to you. I didn’t just replace my pre-existing brain, I just decided to use it; and I get called a genius. Let me get one thing straight, I’m so far off of that title that it astonishes me that people can even consider it.

Why is it that now, people are easily given the labels ‘smart’ and ‘genius’ for doing the basic things that anyone should do? The least you can do is to see through it. And hope that one day you’d make yourself proud, because if there is one thing better than to search for the truth, it’s to acknowledge it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The True Side of Love

What is love? What is it really about? Why did it get so hard to find? What really went wrong? Is there a point to it? These are often some of the questions that are now related to love in general. You see, people have this wrong misconception about it, that they don’t even know what it IS! And yet they pretend to have experienced it, they desire annoying things, unrealistic things, all thanks to what the media has done to the image of love.

 You see, people watch movies and read romantic tales and try to implement or look for that exact same idea and method in their lives. What they don’t understand is that movies are scripted, they are written, and they are fictional, no real TRUE love ever ends, and you know what else doesn't end? Suffering, they have made love to be a salvation, an answer to all our troubles, people really think that they have to find someone who won’t ever make them suffer, and that’s their soul-mate, this is the most stupid and ridicules idea anyone can have!

Because in saying this, they forget the law of life, which is a never ending cycle of misery and suffering, no one will be able to NOT make you suffer, because that is NOT the point of love, the point isn't to find someone who won’t make you cry, but it is in fact to find someone who knows your tear’s worth, and who is always there with you, the point is to find someone to share your laughter, and your cries, in sadness and in happiness, in your struggles and hardships, it is to find someone who will come to your rescue, and who will come to your side when others do not, it’s to find someone who if can’t solve what’s wrong, comes and suffers with you. THAT is the point.

So I ask of you not to look for qualities you see in movies, do not assume that what you see there reflect the true side of things, because they do NOT! Instead focus on what is true and what you see, what you feel, because to love someone is a STATEMENT and not a REQUEST for additional things for you to get in return, it is a powerful message that proves that you are not afraid of saying that I feel comfortable around you, Einstein always argued that for two people in love, they can go somewhere, and sit beside each other, and not say a SINGLE word and go home, and STILL think that the day was not wasted, and they would still feel amazing and happy that they have done so.

Soul-mates exist, but you have to BECOME soul-mates, it doesn't happen automatically, so stop believing that it will happen because as soon you realize it, you will know what have you been missing all this time, becoming soul-mates comes out of acceptance of one another, your ability to cherish every moment, and count all the blessings (good AND bad) to have them in your life, THAT is how you become soul-mates.