Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The World, between the Past and the Present

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

What is the past? Why is there a future? Why is there hope? How different is the present now from the past? Changes are bound to happen. But sometimes we should go back to the beginning and review the changes that were made. Figure out if they were real good changes or not, for example, lets take a look back at the past and notice what was there that is now gone? What disappeared from there? What popped into your head just now? Hold that thought...

In truth, even the concept of time can be made simple, past, present and future are linked all together, there is no separation between them, the separation is merely an illusion, so in essence, by changing one aspect of the past, you'd be changing the present, ultimately affecting the future. That's the linked relationship of time, that sometimes even the smallest things can have the most effects on our future, so for a better tomorrow, we can only learn from the past, avoid the mistakes and build on our knowledge to spark a hope that can change the world. However, sometimes, there are people who use this for their personal gain, creating a world that fits their little boxes. Turning people into living dead by taking away their most prized attribute; imagination. Imagination itself is power, even greater than knowledge because it directly affects what options do you see.

We live in a caged world nowadays, but it hasn't been that way forever. This was new, the world changed, from past to present, things were improved and evolved tremendously, of that there is no doubt, but would that good justify all the evil that happened on the side? For example, do you see the word 'honor' nowadays? Back then, wars have started over this small word. You might argue the fact that it was for the better, but keep in mind there is a difference between PRIDE and HONOR. What is honorable? Does that word have carry any weight anymore?

I would love to raise the question as to why the world now depends so heavily on money, what is money? It is worthless in fact. We, gave it, its value, and now it has taken control of our lives, now, without money you will just not be able to live (unless born in a wealthy family, that is another case) however take money out of the equation for a second, and what do you get? Horrible results. What would someone benefit from this system based around money you asked? Well, for starters it makes us as humans more predictable, it is just a means to control people, the 'better' and 'upgraded' form of slavery; debts. I often raise the issue that slavery still exists among us, its just that since the old system involved chains and a physical cage that there was even the OPTION of escaping, they lost the chains and made the cage invisible.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Questions Answered: Part Five

Q:"Imagine this situation, you and your son are at a river swimming or fishing or just playing water games or something, you leave your son for a sec and Bow, a crocodile has him, now the crocodile has one rule, he gives you - the parent- a chance to predict what he is going to do with your child. It vows to return your child if your prediction was true, however, if not your child belongs to him. 

In one situation, human logic fails to solving this particular dilemma, answering with 'you will take my child never to return' that is; for if he returns your child you didn\'t predict right and yet he returned your child Or the opposite, taking your child as you predicted. – So the crocodile is not applying its rule while applying it @_@-

All I know is that the child’s fate has got to be considered as well ? "

A: Some questions are never meant to be answered. They're just a reminder of how fragile we are. How weak our principles can get, however, this question has two ends. One is, that Logic does not fail at solving this at all. If the crocodile asked you to predict what it was going to do with your son, and you answered "you'll take him never to return" then he is supposed to honor his vow and give him back. Because you did predict what was going to happen. Now, it doesn't matter what happens AFTER it hands you back your son, as that is irrelevant looking closely at the question, the other end is, that it really is unsolvable. The latter is really not that rare. As something very similar happens almost everyday, we choose to be happy and laugh knowing that its not going to last, we make memories, and most importantly, we make mistakes everyday, and sometimes we repeat those same mistakes! In terms of logic, a mistake only happens once, if it happens again, it wasn't a mistake, it was a choice and trust me, people make a lot of choices only to regret them later. It really reflects the sad world that we are in today.

Q: " Hey mate, I was wondering why people hate death so much? like, why are they so afraid of it? "

A: Ask yourself this, what is the ONE truth in life? Death. It's something we all go through, poor, rich, famous nothing matters. It serves as a reminder of what really is important, and that is: nothing. Because at the end, everyone dies leaving only their actions as they echo in the minds of their loved ones. They hate it because it is truth, an absolute truth with no hope of escaping it. You see people aren't really afraid to die, they're afraid of being forgotten. Because when faced upon death, they are reminded of their hallow life, they are instantly reminded of their misdeeds and everything wrong they ever did. That's why you always hear them begging "No! Give me a chance!" it really is funny, because we live on the brink of death yet act in total denial of it. Anybody could die, at any second. However their actions indicate they believe otherwise, also, not all fear death, those who live a good life and life for others are so comfortable, in fact most of them believe that death would even be easier than life itself and would embrace death with open arms because they have no regrets whatsoever. Live each day as it is the last day of your life. Live as if you would die tomorrow, and I promise that fear would be gone in an instant. 

Q: "Question about the recent post, so you mean like no body knows anything? that everyone isn\'t as smart as they think? are we really that stupid we humans? lol "

A: If there is one thing that is certain, it is that we know nothing. A person, the smarter he gets, the more he realizes this. That's why almost every philosopher of ancient Greece (Socrates, Homer,Aristotle... just to name a few) share this common saying "I know nothing" you can be the wisest person in the entire planet. No person can ever be wiser than you, if you just learn this thing, that you know nothing. Knowledge does not stay still, it is always expanding. Nobody is as smart as they think. Know the truth, and use it to your own advantage, awareness of your own ignorance is knowledge itself. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Knowing Everything

"Knowledge is power"

Why is it that this statement has nearly lost its affect? It's very rare to see someone learning because they want to learn not because they have to, there's a clear difference. For example, why was it so easy for you to learn how to write? How to speak? To answer, because you really wanted to, not because you had to. I was surprised when I heard someone say 'I know everything' obviously it didn't surprise me that he said it, but the fact that they thought a statement like that can even exist, even if it did, what good would come from it? It's all a little too overrated and pointless really, proof? We'll be getting down to that in a moment. 

What do you define as being knowledge? Is it general information about a certain matter? Or is it maybe just information specifically on what you need around you? Or is it something else? Knowledge is power, and that power comes from experience.  For example, if a person see's a pit of fire in the middle of the road, they will try to walk through it (provided they have no basic knowledge of fire whatsoever) when they get burned, they understand that they should have just avoided it because they can get burned and so on. That really is the most important sort of knowledge. That's why statements like "someone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new" and "to win, you have to first fail" exist and that's why making mistakes is the best way to learn.

So by now you should be getting the bigger picture of this post, and that it, it takes time to build 'proper' knowledge and that time is forever. In essence, a person never truly stops learning because life always finds ways to surprise us, who would have thought that after so long, life can still be original with the problems it throws at us. You see, statements such as 'I know everything' cannot possibly exist because it is not logical for them to be, for example if a person lives in the middle-east he wouldn't have to learn how to speak Greek or Mandarin (Chinese) as they are not exposed to those cultures and would have no benefit whatsoever from learning them, instead of spending time learning something that they almost will never use, how about they learn something that really matters, something that they will use in their every day life? 

'I know everything' cannot exist because the statement is too big. There is always something you don't know because you aren't exposed to it. You don't even know it exists and yet, while remaining ignorant of the fact that it does, you claim you do, thus invalidating your original statement. Knowledge is a journey that never ends. Thus it is really pointless to claim such a thing because it cannot be true. 

Until next time, 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Questions Answered: Part Four

Before we start, I'd like to thank everyone who sent a feedback commenting on the last post, it was really appreciated and I really enjoyed going through the different opinions.


Q: "My question is what if I have a crush on someone and its not just a normal crush its a crush that I love the person so much and I'd do anything for them , but they are not ready for anything now and I don't want to express my feelings when they are nt ready to accept it and what can I do to atleast show them that I care about them ?"

A: What you can do to show them that you care depends on what kind of person they are, but most importantly, the answer is really within what you wrote, think carefully, why would you want to show them that you care about them if you think they aren't ready to accept anything and aren't prepared to handle anything? Isn't that a little selfish of you? The feeling that you would do anything for them is truly a magnificent feeling, and I believe that you ARE already proving just that by choosing not to tell them. It all comes down to wither if its worth the risk or not, is the gain greater than the loss?

Q: "i always try to ask you this and then i just delete the messgae my qustion is im abit obese and i spend money on magazins and articels on how to be thin but non seem to work im just wondering is there like another reason why its not working ? or am i just joking myself and should except who i am from inside and outside ? "

A: First things first, those magazines and articles will not help you, so I really wish you would stop spending money on things that try to solve the wrong issues. Avoid reading that poison that somehow you're not good enough for anyone, shake off that feeling of insecurity and just realize that all you read in those magazines are lies, and that you are beautiful for who you are, not what you look like. You shouldn't aspire to look any different just because someone says you should, nor because immature people who are only obsessed with someone’s looks think a certain way. In a way, the tips you read in the magazines from those people, they should envy you instead, because that acts like a protection, in a way it pushes away any one who is just out there to take advantage of you. Rest assured that if you have to look a certain way to someone to feel special, that person is just not worth it and you're wrong. What I'm trying to tell you is, if you want to lose weight and look thin, make sure you're doing it for YOURSELF not OTHERS, and it's not really a joke, and you SHOULD accept who you are from inside and out. Because once you do that, you become who you were intended to be, the worst thing you can be is like anybody else.

Q: "Wooha!! That Was Intence!! Finally Someone Says It! So IWant To Ask You This What Sort Of People Wouldnt Want Us To Break Away From The Cricle At All Costs?!"

A: Well, the only way I can describe them is to call them monsters. There are many different types of these monsters, some hide and just cause chaos from a distance, others show themselves and do it, some exist just to challenge and end your dreams, there are also those who always tell lies, these are the most cunning type of monsters. It is mostly because of their inability to feel remorse. They pretend to be humans even when they do not understand the first thing about human hearts. They study not to gain knowledge but to feel superior by it. They have never experienced love or compassion. They have never been hungry yet they eat, and they never want people to break away from that circle because it amuses them to see people move in it and believe they are truly free, and it scares the hell out of them when people start asking questions regarding the validity of their stupid built in circle, where they twist the simple truth and make it complicated, they poison every honest idea, and really, people are just falling for it. Ask questions! Question viciously the 'norm' and don't be afraid to go against the known!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Negativity and Reality

"Insanity: doing the same thing again and again, yet expect different results."

It's so bothering, it's actually mind-blowing, even crazy in the world we live in. Just think of how people really define life, how do they look at it, is it with plain positivity? Or do they choose to see the untold story? Was there ever a time where truth and justice were part of reality? I believe so. But that time has changed...

It seems crazy to live in this world, whenever you think that life is easy, you're doing something HORRIBLY wrong. You see, people run and often prefer to ignore the truth, they forget what its all about, think about it, what do you do in this life? A typical answer would be, you study, to find a job, to get money, to be able to live (a cycle we now live in), but why? Jobs, money, all the crap we need so much were CREATED by us. It's just another way of enslaving people without them knowing it, making them HAPPY with it. Living a cycle so wrong that you think its right. Insanity passed off as logic. Realise that there people who think that living in that cycle makes SENSE LOGICALLY. The second you challenge it, you are branded stupid, or crazy, maybe even both.

This system, this cycle, its all flawed, it's been a really annoying ride down the path to reality. Because it remains, that people prefer to hear comforting lies instead of the bitter truth. They now mistake being realistic with being negative. It's mind-blowing how it works. Doesn't it strike you as weird, that when you say life is filled with liars backstabbers and pretenders you are called negative? Even though what you just said was true? It's a dillema... never mistake being REALISTIC for being NEGATIVE. They don't mix. You see, there is negativity, and positivity, reality is in between those two. Stray to one path too much, and you're blinded. 

You might ask the question as to how to know when you strayed too much, it's when you only see one side that you have gone too far. If all you see are the negative parts, then you're stupid, and if all you see are the positive parts, then you're a coward who has given up and is convincing themselves that by covering up the negative with the positive, you'll be happier (which will not work). You gotta understand that temporary happiness is not worth the long-term misery it brings. So you must understand how TRUE happiness comes. 

Let me end this with saying that, I know that this leaves with many things to say but just remember, that separating reality from negativity is part of the test in life. If you think this post was negative; you've failed that test.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Questions Answered: Part Three

Hello everyone, and sorry for the long delay but it's been a crazy time for me personally but I'm hoping to pick the pace up again real soon. Anyways, I decided to do another Questions Answered because of some really good ones sent over the past few month. I'll you to it.


Q: "Hey Infra. 
How do you know when you've quit on yourself..? More importantly, how do you stop from quitting on yourself, and recover hope?"

A: It is often when people all around you are praising you, telling you how a good guy you are while you yourself scold and think the worst of yourself. It's quite common really, and the only way to stop quitting on yourself is to really appreciate who you are as a person. Let go of the past and just look at it to learn from the mistakes you have made. Face all your fears if you have any and just really honour who you are as a person, find and define yourself, accept no ones definition of who you are. Define it yourself.

Q: "can u speak about liers plzz and wy they lie an lie an lie an lie saying they luv u an bullshit ... i dunt undrstand .. thx

A: It depends on many things. But often these people share some things in common. Such as a certain feel of greif and unworthiness. Sometimes these are just sad people who have just given up to the fact that life does not always work in their favor. So in turn, they lie, cheat and betray everyone and anyone to get some sort of temporary peace or happiness. They always think their actions are justified because no one understands, and no one knows how it feels to be them and that is what can be frustrating sometimes, as they are one of the most selfish, and pethatic sort of people ever.  

Q: "I'd appreciate it if you could clear up the air about astrological zodiac signs, 
and if they really do predict and define personalities, or they are just great guesses! Thank you!"

A:  Yes and no. Some people say they define personalities which is as far as they can get from the truth. See they are great guesses, but some people do believe that to some extent, all people under the same ziodic signs share... similar attitudes and traits. But in no way does that make it final. Everything changes, it's not final, and it sure isn't written in stone. So no, a ziodic sign, without a shadow of a doubt does not define who you are, I'd say it's about 56% accurate at BEST. So just take them as hints, as a means to have fun. But never seriously.


Until next time,